From Trauma to Trust: Police and Community Collaborative Training

This spring, Equal Justice USA is continuing to lead an effort to facilitate healing and build trust between the community and police with a goal of better responses to trauma in the wake of violence. A team of facilitators will be leading trainings on trauma-informed responses to violence with the Newark Police Department and Newark community members: “From Trauma to Trust: Police and Community Collaborative Training”

The goal of this training is to understand the symptoms of community, historical, and vicarious trauma as well as build necessary skills to address trauma and problem-solve when it arises. These trainings will focus on the development and maintenance of trust between police and community members/partnerships. Trainings specifics are as follows:

  • Scheduling:
  • Participants will include 15 police officers and 15-20 community members
  • Learn about trauma symptoms, ACES (the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study), historical trauma, and the cycle of violence
  • Hands-on skills-building and problem-solving activities that will be customized for trainees on the front lines addressing violence and trauma
  • Focus on addressing special populations, including boys and men of color, LGBTQ+ communities, girls and women, and more.

Community leaders from all sectors are invited to participate in these trainings.


Download the flyer here.

If you have any questions, please contact Lionel Latouche at