The impact of police shootings on racial trauma | Reimagining Justice This Month

Reimagining Justice This Month highlights stories about effective responses to violence – responses that disrupt cycles of violence, heal trauma, and address structural racism.

The Racial Trauma of Police-Involved Shootings
, Psychology Benefits Society
Following the police shooting of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, many are grief-stricken and enraged in communities across the country. The impact of the deaths of unarmed black men and women raises larger questions about the impact of police shootings on racial trauma. This article links race-based trauma to experiences of racial injustice. These wounds persist and have lasting impact, which highlights the need for responses that promote individual and social healing for surviving families as well as the community.

‘Trauma Teams’ To Help Boston Residents In Higher Crime Areas Cope In Wake Of Violence, WBUR
A neighborhood health clinic in Boston is partnering with a community-based organization to help those suffering in the aftermath of homicides and other violence. They connect survivors and their families with trauma services to prevent future violence and expand access to healing support within the community.
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