Help end the death penalty in New Hampshire!

Governor Sununu: Sign repeal. End the death penalty!

By nearly a 2-1 margin, the Republican-controlled New Hampshire legislature has voted to repeal the death penalty. Now the bill goes to Governor Chris Sununu, who has threatened to veto it.

It is more important than ever to let the Governor know that the death penalty is irrevocably broken and New Hampshire doesn’t need it. Sign the petition to Governor Sununu asking him to sign the bill and end the death penalty. Continue Reading →

Florida faith leaders gather on Good Friday to call for end to death penalty

Pinellas/Pasco religious leaders' press conference

Local faith leaders gathered in front of the Pinellas County Justice Center on Good Friday to urge State Attorney Bernie McCabe to stop seeking death sentences.

The diverse group delivered a letter, signed by 46 local faith leaders, expressing concern that the county seeks the death penalty more than almost every other county in the entire United States. The letter also highlights a poll released In February that shows that 68% of Pinellas County voters prefer alternatives to the death penalty for people convicted of murder.

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There’s #TooMuchDoubt. Stop the execution!

There's #TooMuchDoubt. Stop the execution!

Ohio is scheduled to execute W.T. Montgomery early next month, even though there are serious questions about whether he committed the crimes for which he received a death sentence.

Tell Ohio Governor Kasich to stop the execution. There is #TooMuchDoubt.

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State lawmakers continue re-evaluating the death penalty

Photo of the New Hampshire State Capitol

We’re less than a quarter into 2018, and the movement to end the death penalty has already made major strides in state capitols around the country.

In Utah, a Republican-sponsored repeal bill passed out of a House committee for the first time ever. Two years ago, Utah came close to ending the death penalty but ran out of time before getting to the House. This year, Utah’s session was extra short, but with strong backing from conservative lawmakers and civic leaders, the state is primed and ready to take repeal the rest of the way in 2019.

Washington’s death penalty also appears to be on its last legs. The Senate voted ‘yes’ on a repeal bill and so did a House committee, leaving just one final hurdle left. But like in Utah, Washington lawmakers ran out of time before they could get the bill to the Governor’s desk. The state, however, was a veritable echo chamber of voices calling for repeal, from families of murder victims, law enforcement, newspaper editorial boards, and, recently, from Kirk Bloodsworth, who had the personal experience of being exonerated from death row. Stay tuned for what is sure to be an exciting campaign next year.

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Job Opening at Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty

We are looking for a new manager for our Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty project. The right person could help end the death penalty from anywhere in the country. Could it be you?

Check out the full job description and apply here. 

Goodbye to Lorry Post. You will be missed.

Lorry Post, credit Abraham J.

Lorry joyfully reporting from the Capitol in Trenton on the day New Jersey became the first state in the modern era to legislatively abolish the death penalty. (Photo: Abraham J. Bonowitz/

Lorry Post, one of the most important catalysts for the decline of the death penalty in the United States, died last week.

Lorry first got involved in the death penalty issue when in 1996, his pastor asked for help with the case of Pedro Medina, a death row inmate who had compelling evidence of innocence.

Lorry’s daughter, Lisa, had been murdered a few years before. In the midst of his own unfathomable loss, Lorry became a tireless advocate for Medina.

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Petition: Stop Eleven Executions in Tennessee

Tennessee is set to resume executions for the first time in almost a decade. And not just one execution. They are planning on having ELEVEN executions in the next six months.

Now is the time to contact the Tennessee Governor and tell him not to resume executions.


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Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty Returns to CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) is the largest and most prominent gathering of conservative activists in the country. It’s also the place that Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty (CCATDP) was first launched five years ago. Tomorrow, CCATDP will be back at CPAC. But, now, things are a little different. Continue Reading →

Help end the death penalty in Washington state!

Last week in a historic, bipartisan vote, the Washington State Senate passed a bill to repeal the death penalty. Now, the State House must act to get rid of the death penalty once and for all.

Please contact your representatives and tell them to say YES to repeal.


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You can help end the death penalty in Florida!

The Florida legislature is now in session, and a bill to end the use of the death penalty needs your help!

If you live in Florida:

We need you to contact your legislators and ask them to co-sponsor this important legislation. Ask them to say YES to ending the death penalty.

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