The fight to end the death penalty lives on in New Hampshire

Thank you to all of you who signed our petition to end the death in New Hampshire. Because of you, our partners at the New Hampshire Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NHCADP) were able to deliver a huge stack of 56,502 signatures (wow!) to Governor Chris Sununu on May 15, after a press conference with families of murder victims, calling for repeal.

Unfortunately, Governor Sununu refused to heed these voices – and many others – from around New Hampshire and the nation. On June 21 he vetoed the death penalty repeal bill that had passed both chambers of the state legislature with bipartisan support.

If the governor expected repeal advocates in New Hampshire to go away quietly, he was sorely mistaken. The House and Senate votes to end the death penalty demonstrate that the legislature is very close to being able to override the governor’s veto. That override vote has now been scheduled for September 13.

Our friends at NHCADP have put together an action plan of the best things YOU can do to help overturn the governor’s veto next month. Please check out their news update here. You’ll learn about action opportunities, a documentary they’re working on, and much more.

The fight to end the death penalty in New Hampshire is not over. Please check out NHCADP’s website and find out what you can do to help. Thank you!

Urgent: Tennessee is about to resume executions!

After a nearly ten-year hiatus, Tennessee is set to resume executions – starting with Billy Ray Irick, a man with lifelong, well-documented mental illness.

Act fast to tell Tennessee’s Governor that this execution should not go forward.

Tennessee - Do not resume executions


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Ohio Governor grants clemency after revelations of trauma

Late last week, Ohio Governor John Kasich granted clemency to Raymond Tibbetts and commuted his death sentence. Thousands of you sent emails, signed petitions, made phone calls, and mobilized friends and neighbors to make sure that Governor Kasich knew that the trauma Tibbetts experienced as a child had been withheld from the jury during his trial.

Thank you. It is because of this grassroots movement that a man will not be executed.

Trauma has devastating effects on individual lives and whole communities. Tibbetts was first abandoned by his parents at the age of two, and throughout his childhood in foster care he was tied to a bed at night, regularly beaten, thrown down the stairs, burned, starved, and more. The horrific abuse that he and his brothers experienced was never addressed. We could have interrupted the cycle of harm, but instead the system failed him.

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Stop the Execution of Ray Tibbetts

Raymod Tibbitts
Raymond Tibbetts is scheduled to be executed in Ohio later this fall. He was originally scheduled for execution in February, but Ohio Governor John Kasich gave him a reprieve when a juror from Tibbetts’ original trial came forward after learning about Tibbetts’ traumatic background. Tibbetts’ severe child abuse and neglect was not presented in full at the time of the trial, and the juror said he never would have voted for a death sentence had he known.

Join us in asking Governor Kasich to commute Tibbetts’ death sentence and fix a serious failure of the legal system in his case. Call Governor Kasich’s office at 614-466-3555 and ask him to grant clemency to Ray Tibbetts.

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Fans of justice, here’s your summer movie guide!

Lindy Lou, Juror Number 2, airing July 16 on PBS

Lindy Lou, Juror Number 2, airing July 16 on PBS

Lindy Lou, Juror Number 2” is a documentary about a conservative Christian grandmother from Mississippi who helped sentence a man to death. Two decades later, an overwhelming sense of regret compels her to track down her fellow jurors. This film raises important questions about the death penalty and the impact on jurors of making high-stakes sentencing decisions. Check it out on July 16th on PBS’ POV.  Organizations can also host screenings for free, so if you’re interested in showing the film in your community, check out the Partner Toolkit.

The BBC documentary “Life and Death Row – Mass Execution,”  tells the story of the state of Arkansas’ plan to use their supply of lethal injection drugs before they expire by executing eight men in ten days – an historic number. It’s available for streaming now.

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One man stands in the way of ending the disastrous death penalty

Earlier today, Governor Chris Sununu vetoed a bill that would have ended New Hampshire’s death penalty. He did this despite overwhelming favorable votes in both Republican-controlled chambers of the state’s legislature and after receiving petition signatures from over 50k people across the country who support repeal.

Repeal would be a done deal if not for Governor Sununu’s veto.

This should be a no-brainer. New Hampshire’s death penalty is notorious for siphoning millions of dollars on capital cases that drag on for decades and never actually result in an execution. Governor Sununu has heard death row exonerees, religious leaders, thousands of Granite Staters, and even families of homicide victims, the very community the Governor cites as a reason to keep the system in place. These family members say the death penalty drags surviving families through an agonizing process and that the money would be better spent in meeting their critical needs, such as trauma and grief counseling, funeral assistance, and restitution of lost wages.

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Help end the death penalty in New Hampshire!

Governor Sununu: Sign repeal. End the death penalty!

By nearly a 2-1 margin, the Republican-controlled New Hampshire legislature has voted to repeal the death penalty. Now the bill goes to Governor Chris Sununu, who has threatened to veto it.

It is more important than ever to let the Governor know that the death penalty is irrevocably broken and New Hampshire doesn’t need it. Sign the petition to Governor Sununu asking him to sign the bill and end the death penalty. Continue Reading →

Florida faith leaders gather on Good Friday to call for end to death penalty

Pinellas/Pasco religious leaders' press conference

Local faith leaders gathered in front of the Pinellas County Justice Center on Good Friday to urge State Attorney Bernie McCabe to stop seeking death sentences.

The diverse group delivered a letter, signed by 46 local faith leaders, expressing concern that the county seeks the death penalty more than almost every other county in the entire United States. The letter also highlights a poll released In February that shows that 68% of Pinellas County voters prefer alternatives to the death penalty for people convicted of murder.

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There’s #TooMuchDoubt. Stop the execution!

There's #TooMuchDoubt. Stop the execution!

Ohio is scheduled to execute W.T. Montgomery early next month, even though there are serious questions about whether he committed the crimes for which he received a death sentence.

Tell Ohio Governor Kasich to stop the execution. There is #TooMuchDoubt.

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State lawmakers continue re-evaluating the death penalty

Photo of the New Hampshire State Capitol

We’re less than a quarter into 2018, and the movement to end the death penalty has already made major strides in state capitols around the country.

In Utah, a Republican-sponsored repeal bill passed out of a House committee for the first time ever. Two years ago, Utah came close to ending the death penalty but ran out of time before getting to the House. This year, Utah’s session was extra short, but with strong backing from conservative lawmakers and civic leaders, the state is primed and ready to take repeal the rest of the way in 2019.

Washington’s death penalty also appears to be on its last legs. The Senate voted ‘yes’ on a repeal bill and so did a House committee, leaving just one final hurdle left. But like in Utah, Washington lawmakers ran out of time before they could get the bill to the Governor’s desk. The state, however, was a veritable echo chamber of voices calling for repeal, from families of murder victims, law enforcement, newspaper editorial boards, and, recently, from Kirk Bloodsworth, who had the personal experience of being exonerated from death row. Stay tuned for what is sure to be an exciting campaign next year.

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