Our Vision: A Trauma-Responsive Justice System

Imagine a justice system that is the solution instead of the problem.

Imagine a justice system that works.

It would prevent violence, heal trauma and help people harmed by crime to rebuild their lives, create genuine accountability instead of mass incarceration, and treat everyone fairly and equitably in the process.

A justice system that works would mean fewer victims, fewer defendants, and safer communities for all of us.

A lot of criminal justice reform work is about taking down parts of the justice system that aren’t working. This is vitally important work – and EJUSA plays a leading role in it with our award-winning campaign to end the death penalty.

We also believe that it is not enough to dismantle the broken parts. We must also build up the justice system that we want in its place – a justice system that is both responsive to trauma and restorative.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach like prison, that system would do four core things:

  1. Provide life-saving services to all crime survivors at the time of their victimization, including counseling, relocation to a safe space, replacement of lost wages and other financial assistance, time off from work, accompaniment to medical appointments, and much more.
  2. Hold people who commit harm accountable in ways that facilitate healing, rehabilitation, and responsibility.
  3. Keep communities safe through trauma intervention, community-centered prevention programs, and a well coordinated, multi-system approach that address the key risk factors and social determinants of violence, aggression, other forms of harm.
  4. Create system accountability that acknowledges and repairs the harm caused by the criminal justice system, particularly in communities of color and other marginalized communities, and addresses the wellness and trauma of system actors so as not to act with undue force and aggression within the communities they are sworn to serve and protect.

Join us to build the forward-looking justice system of tomorrow. We are currently redesigning our website to feature all of EJUSA’s exciting campaigns: to end the death penalty, to bring racial equity to victim services, and to expand access to trauma care and social healing in order to transform our justice system. Sign up now to stay in touch.