EJUSA and Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty Applaud New Hampshire’s Repeal of the Death Penalty

Statement by Shari Silberstein, Executive Director of Equal Justice USA:

“The leaders in New Hampshire who made history today deserve the highest praise for recognizing the injustice of a deeply broken system and coming together across party lines to move the state forward. I believe more states across the nation, inspired by what New Hampshire accomplished, will recognize that the death penalty cannot exist in a society that aspires to true justice.”

For more information contact Patrick Egan at 718-801-8948 or email patricke@ejusa.org.

Statement by Hannah Cox, National Manager of Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty:

“Ending New Hampshire’s death penalty would not have been possible without significant Republican support. Increasing numbers of GOP lawmakers believe capital punishment does not align with their conservative values of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and valuing life. The state of New Hampshire will be much better off because of it.”

For more information contact Jon Crane at 203-982-4575 or email joncrane@criticalpr.com.