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What We Do

EJUSA combines the best of visionary thinking and practical doing, partnering with state and local organizations to provide grassroots leaders with the training, support, and tools they need to win campaigns and change the world.

We are known for our ability to build bridges between progressives, conservatives, evangelicals, communities of color, crime survivors, law enforcement, and other disparate constituencies to achieve meaningful systemic change.

We run three programs:

Our campaign to end the death penalty is EJUSA’s largest and longest-standing program. Working with our state partners, EJUSA has ended the death penalty in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, and Nebraska. Our work has also helped suspend executions or push other states to the brink of repeal. We built the nation’s first and only group for conservatives to oppose the death penalty (Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty), and we work locally and nationally to organize communities of color, evangelicals, and conservatives to get involved.

Our trauma advocacy initiative works in select cities to advocate for better access to trauma care for people harmed by crime and violence. We also work nationally to promote a trauma-responsive justice system and shift the national conversation around violence, trauma, racial justice, and mass incarceration. We know that the justice system willingly marshals millions of dollars to execute a single person who causes harm. It’s time to invest our resources in healing the communities most impacted by crime, so we can reduce violence in the future. Learn about our Police/Community Initiative on Trauma-Informed Responses to Violence.

Our program to expand victims services has secured new funds for those harmed, so they can get the help they need to rebuild their lives. A central aim is to bring racial equity to victims services by helping community groups serving crime survivors in communities of color to become stronger, expand their reach, and save more lives. We provide them with training, technical assistance, and capacity building. One of the program’s key campaigns is to assist groups to gain access to federal funds known as VOCA. For more information, see our VOCA Toolkit.