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Use Resolutions to Get Your Group on Board

To date, 4,837 organizations, faith communities, city councils, local businesses, and other groups have called for a moratorium on executions. Many have done so by passing a moratorium resolution, which is like a petition or a position statement for organizations. These resolutions are the building blocks of grassroots campaigns, sending a message to state and national officials that citizens and voters want change. Many state campaigns have used local resolution drives as the primary tool to build and demonstrate broad support for a moratorium.

Is your group on board yet? See the full list and then recruit your group!

Learn more about the history of the Moratorium Now! resolution campaign.

Step by step overview – how to get a resolution passed:

Or see the detailed step-by-step instructions for more hints and resources!

  1. Find out how your group normally considers resolutions. Details...
  2. Find a few allies in your group. Get their advice, brainstorm potential obstacles, and ask them to help get the resolution passed. Details...
  3. Draft the resolution. Use one our model resolutions as is, or modify it to fit your group’s needs. Details...
  4. Introduce the resolution. Bring copies of the resolution and background materials such as EJUSA’s factsheets. Make yourself available to answer questions. Details...
  5. Have an open discussion in your group. If there’s time, consider showing a video or inviting an outside speaker so your group can learn more about the death penalty before they vote on your resolution. Details...
  6. After the Vote.
    If your resolution passes, send a press release to the local media, a copy to your state legislators, and a copy to EJUSA. Celebrate!
    If your resolution does not pass, don't get discouraged! Introducing it has surely educated some people in the group, and you have probably made new allies. Consult with them about your next steps. Details...

Has your group called for a moratorium on executions?

4,837 groups already on board

Some of the latest:

  • Port Townsend Friends Meeting (Port Townsend, WA)
  • Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs
  • The Committee for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) (Paris)
  • The Birmingham News (AL)
  • Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (KS)
  • Our Lady of the Lake Parish Council (Lake Ozark, MO)
  • Kansas City Star (Kansas City, MO)
  • Pocono Record (PA) (Stroudsburg, PA)
  • Linwood United Church (Kansas City, MO)
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City, Pastoral Administrators (Jonesburg, MO)
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