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Our Accomplishments

EJUSA has been a longtime leader in the movement to repeal the death penalty, partnering with state organizations in over a two-dozen states over the years. EJUSA has played a central role in many of the nation's most successful state campaigns, including:

Additional Accomplishments:


  • Trained organizers in two-dozen states and developed the groundbreaking Annual Training and Strategy Retreat, an intensive 3-day strategy “boot camp” for organizers.
  • Developed messages, workshops, outreach guides, and strategies to help state organizers reach out to new stakeholders, including law enforcement, conservatives, and victims’ families.
  • Deployed field organizers in New Jersey, Cincinnati, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, New York City, Baltimore, St. Louis, Kansas, Florida, and eastern North Carolina at various times over the last decade to better serve state campaigns in those areas on a daily basis.
  • Pioneered the grassroots organizing strategy that has sparked moratorium resolution campaigns from North Carolina to California and dozens of states in between.
  • Recruited and/or tallied 4,837 faith communities, organizations, local businesses, and other groups to call for a moratorium on executions, including 152 local governments, such as New York, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Nashville, and Atlanta. Maintained the National Tally of moratorium endorsers to track resolutions across the country.
  • Produced and distributed 5,000 organizing packets with educational materials and other tools for organizers to use in their communities.


  • Reasonable Doubts: Is the U.S. Executing Innocent People? [pdf], a comprehensive report documenting the cases of 15 men who were executed despite compelling claims of innocence.
  • Two educational brochures as part of our Equal Justice Under Law? series: How Racism Riddles the U.S. Death Penalty and Innocent: How Wrongful Convictions Riddle the U.S. Death Penalty.
  • Capital Case Handbook for Defendants and their Families [pdf], an in-depth tabloid covering everything from working with public defenders to understanding the appeals process for those accused of capital crimes to better navigate our legal system.
  • A series of investigative reports focused on Pennsylvania: Green County Supermax: Pennsylvania's Human Rights Nightmare; Trampling the Public Trust: Philadelphia Police Abuses; and The Judge Who Became Death Row's King: Philadelphia's Judge Sabo.

Direct assistance to prisoners and their families

The following activities were undertaken by EJUSA programs that are still housed at our former parent organization, the Quixote Center.

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