How to donate stock, mutual funds, and other securities

Transferring stocks and securities to EJUSA is simple, and provides you with a charitable tax deduction for the full market value of the security (subject to IRS limits).

Step 1: Contact EJUSA. Donor information is sometimes incomplete when we receive the electronic transfer of securities, so letting us know you will be donating will ensure that we acknowledge your gift correctly. You can contact our Executive Director, Shari, at or (718) 801-8940.

Step 2: Give your broker or financial adviser the following information:

EJUSA’s Broker: RBC Wealth Management
Contact: Robert W Taylor, CFA, 800-225-6713
Account Name: Equal Justice USA Inc.
Account Number: 312-21759
DTC # 0235
Tax ID # 26-1316408

Step 3: Ask your broker to notify us once the transfer has been made, so that we can follow up with our broker and make sure it is processed and acknowledged quickly.

Thank you for supporting EJUSA and helping to build a justice system that is fair, effective, and responsive to everyone impacted by crime!