Resource: October is Respect Life Month for Catholics

Respect Life ToolkitIn October, Catholics in the U.S. will be called to celebrate Respect Life Month and to “renew their personal commitment to defend ALL human life.”

Our friends at the Catholic Mobilizing Network to End the Use of the Death Penalty have put together a great toolkit to help individuals, organizations, schools, and parishes reflect on the death penalty as they participate in Respect Life Month.

The toolkit includes chapters on learning about the death penalty, praying about the lives of those affected by the death penalty system, and taking action to end the use of the death penalty. Continue Reading →

New resource: Fact sheet on racial inequality and the death penalty

EJUSA Fact Sheet: Racial IniquityLast month, EJUSA Campaign Strategist Ben Jones wrote a powerful post about the history of racial oppression in the U.S. death penalty. The post was so popular, we decided to create a fact sheet with the material.

You can now find the information in our ‘Learn’ pages, where you can download a formatted version to hand out at your next death penalty discussion or while you’re tabiling.



Campaign 2016: Talking to your candidates about the death penalty

woman canvassing The presidential election is in full swing. And the louder the race gets, the easier it is forget about the “down ballot” races for state legislature, mayor, county council, county prosecutor, and more. In these races, the opportunity for meaningful dialogue with candidates is much more likely.

I’m here to encourage you to talk to all your down ballot candidates about the death penalty. Why? Because state lawmakers and county prosecutors have direct impact on death penalty policy. And today’s mayor might be tomorrow’s state representative, who could one day vote on a death penalty bill in your state. You may as well start educating now.

‘Tis the season when candidates will come knocking on your door, ready to listen to you. You’ll have a captive audience with someone who cares about what you think! What a fabulous chance to broach the topic of the death penalty, don’t you think?

What’s the best way to share your support for repeal? We’re so glad you asked!

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Toolkit available for organizations serving crime survivors

EJUSA VOCA ToolkitAs part of our growing work to bring racial equity to victims’ services, EJUSA published a comprehensive toolkit to help groups apply for Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funding. The toolkit is geared towards organizations serving crime survivors – particularly in communities of color – that have not had access to federal funding in the past.

EJUSA Grassroots Capacity Building Specialist Latrina Kelly-James led a webinar to introduce the toolkit and help organizations understand the funding that is available. Over 45 organizational leaders participated, and many more have downloaded the toolkit or reached out for support in applying for funds.
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