Get more out of the book ‘I Am Troy Davis’ by using our updated Discussion and Study Guide!

I Am Troy Davis Study Guide - UpdatedView the guide online or Download the pdf

Table of Contents

  • How to Host a Book Discussion: Step by step to make your book discussion a success
  • Discussion Questions: Seventeen questions to provoke critical thinking and exploration
  • Get Involved: Concrete actions you can take to end the nation’s death penalty and transform the criminal justice system
  • Death Penalty Facts: Learn more about innocence, fairness, racial bias, the impact on victims’ families, public safety, and more
  • About: About the book, the authors, EJUSA, and our co-sponsors

About the Guide:

This guide is an invitation to engage. It was designed to facilitate group discussion – and action – while reading the book I Am Troy Davis. The guide provides questions to promote critical thinking about the case and a deeper exploration of the death penalty and criminal justice system at large.

For readers who are hungry to learn more after reading the book, the guide provides a foundation of information about the death penalty in the United States. It also provides concrete ways readers can get involved to end the death penalty.

The guide was developed by Equal Justice USA and co-sponsored by Amnesty International USA and the NAACP, in partnership with the book, I Am Troy Davis (Haymarket Books).