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“Recommended this week” features highlights from the past week in news about the death penalty, crime survivors, and trauma-informed responses to crime.

Better by halfThe Marshall Project
An interesting story from The Marshall Project about New York City: “New York City’s example shows that when the community and government work together, it is possible to have both half as much incarceration and twice as much safety.”

Killing Dylann Roof Wouldn’t Help Racial InjusticeTime
Next week, jury selection begins in Dylann Roof’s federal trial. Executing Roof will not rid us of the racism that fueled him and will not make the death penalty less racially biased.

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Recommended: Death penalty repeal gains momentum in Utah

State of Utah Capitol BuildingUtah Senators approved legislation to repeal the death penalty last night by a vote of 20-9!

The Republican sponsor of the bill, Senator Steve Urquhart, used to support the death penalty. Just last year, he joined most of his Republican colleagues (only 5 of the 29 Senators in Utah are Democrats) in a vote to bring back the state’s firing squad. Now, Senator Urquhart is leading the charge against the death penalty.

Read about Senator Urquhart’s quest for repeal in the Washington Post, which also features Marc Hyden, coordinator of EJUSA’s national project, Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty.

Read the Salt Lake Tribune story about yesterday’s vote.

Photo credit: “State of Utah Capitol Building” by vxla. CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.