Death penalty chaos around the country

Death penalty chaos around the country

Nevada just became the ninth death penalty state to go a decade or more without an execution. Add those nine to the 19 states without capital punishment, and you have 28 states that have abandoned executions in either law or practice.

And in the remaining states? The death penalty is in complete chaos.

Florida’s death penalty law has already been thrown out twice in 2016. The first ruling came from the U.S. Supreme Court in January. The Florida legislature then passed a “fix” to the law, and last month a Miami judge threw it out again. Alabama’s death penalty law is similar to Florida’s, and the Supreme Court sent a death sentence back for review for the third time this week because of those similarities.

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CCATDP’s Marc Hyden on Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler

Last week, I was a guest on Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler to discuss Oklahoma’s damning grand jury report on their lethal injection scandal and Florida’s unconstitutional death penalty. You can watch the segment below:

Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty (CCATDP), a project of Equal Justice USA, is a network of political and social conservatives who question the alignment of capital punishment with conservative principles and values. For news and updates from CCATDP, join their email list.

3 high profile executions in 3 days – *live thread, updated*

Glossip, Glissendaner, Pieto

Update 10/1/15, 9:42pm: Alfredo Pieto was executed in Virginia tonight at 9:17pm. His lawyers had just filed an application for a stay with the U.S. Supreme Court when news of his execution was announced.

Update 10/1/15, 7:36pm: After a change of venue, a Federal Court in Virginia heard arguments about the lethal injections drugs to be used in tonight’s execution in Virginia. In his ruling following the hearing, the judge lifted an injunction, clearing the way for the execution to go forward.

Update 10/1/15, 7:29pm: The Attorney General in Oklahoma has asked for an indefinite suspension in executions, including that of Richard Glossip as well as two others that were scheduled for next week. In a request to the highest court in Oklahoma, the A.G. indicated it “needs time to evaluate the events that transpired” leading up to Glossip’s scheduled – and ultimately stayed – execution on Tuesday.

Update 10/1/15, 9:33am: Though a hearing originally scheduled for this afternoon has been canceled, an injunction still stands, staying today’s scheduled execution of Alfred Prieto in Virginia. Lawyers for Prieto are seeking a more information about the drugs the State plans to use for the execution, which were acquired from Texas prison officials. Continue Reading →

Oklahoma court stays execution of Richard Glossip

In a unanimous ruling early this afternoon, the highest criminal court in Oklahoma granted a two-week stay in the execution of Richard Glossip. The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals released their ruling, granting Glossip’s request for time to review new evidence.

One piece of evidence submitted to the court was a sworn affidavit from another inmate who claims he heard Justice Sneed admit to acting alone and setting up Glossip. Sneed plead guilty to the murder of Barry Van Treese in exchange for his testimony against Glossip, who he claimed hired him to commit the crime. Glossip has always maintained his innocence.

The Court of Appeals set a new execution date of September 30th. We will continue to post updates to our Twitter feed and Facebook page, and stay tuned for suggested actions to ensure Glossip’s claims of innocence are properly heard and the next execution date does not go forward.

Act now to halt execution in Oklahoma

Richard Glossip

Time is running out for Richard Glossip.

In less than 24 hours, Glossip is scheduled be executed, despite mounting evidence of his innocence.

Call Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin now, and ask her to stay the execution to allow for further investigation. Her phone lines are being flooded, but she needs to hear from you that this execution should not go forward.

Governor’s main office number: (405) 521-2342

Governor’s voicemail for comments: (405) 522-8857

The pending execution has generated a huge outcry from all over the world. From Sister Helen Prejean, to former Dallas Cowboys Coach Barry Switzer, to Virgin mogul Richard Branson, to conservative US Senator Tom Coburn, to actress Susan Sarandon – even a juror from the original case came forward to say he wouldn’t have voted to convict Glossip if he’d had all the evidence that is currently available.

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Richard Glossip

June’s Supreme Court Decision in Glossip v Grossaddressed one small debate about a specific lethal injection protocol. It also opened the door to many new questions about the future of the death penalty and the likelihood that the Supreme Court will one day rule on the constitutionality of the policy itself. At the heart of the court’s decision, though, was the case of one man: Richard Glossip. This past January, Glossip came within one day of his scheduled execution. When notice came that the Supreme Court was hearing his appeal, he was already in the process of saying goodbye to his family. Another execution date now looms, despite Glossip’s strong claims of innocence. Sister Helen Prejean is leading a campaign to halt the execution and to give Glossip’s lawyers the opportunity to present his case of innocence.

See Sister Helen’s action page for Richard Glossip.

Read The Intercept’s story on the Glossip case.