Evangelicals change 40-year pro-death penalty position

National Association of EvangelicalsThe National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) has a new position on the death penalty. The resolution, passed by the Board of Directors, outlines serious concerns with the death penalty and acknowledges growing opposition and differing views on the issue among Evangelicals.

The resolution represents a significant shift for the organization, which had a position in staunch support of the death penalty for the last four decades. The resolution gives guidance to the NAE’s more than 45,000 congregations from nearly 40 different denominations, serving millions of Americans:

“Because of the fallibility of human systems, documented wrongful convictions, and our desire that God’s grace, Christian hope, and life in Christ be advanced, a growing number of evangelicals now call for government entities to shift their resources away from pursuing the death penalty…”

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EJUSA joins the Sojourners #SummitForChange. Watch LIVE

Summit For Change

EJUSA is thrilled and honored to be a part of this year’s Sojourner’s Summit for Change, starting this evening and going through noon on Saturday.

National Organizer Heather Beaudoin was nominated to participate and selected from a pool of applicants to be a part of the conference in Washington, DC that brings together 300 global leaders making change in and with faith communities. She will participate inspirational talks, small-group gatherings, and shared meals with change-makers from around the world.

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Video from National Latino Evangelical Coalition Press Conference

Today the National Latino Evangelical Coalition voted unanimously to support an end to the death penalty. EJUSA’s Heather Beaudoin joined NaLEC’s President, Rev. Gabriel Salguero and other Latino Evangelical leaders for a press conference in Orlando, FL to announce the news.

Below are videos from that event.

In English:

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Major Evangelical Group Calls for Death Penalty Repeal

NALEC press conference

The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) became the first national association of Evangelical congregations to join the effort to repeal the death penalty. NaLEC’s board of directors voted unanimously for the resolution and is urging its 3,000 member congregations to support efforts to end capital punishment across the country.

The President of NaLEC, Rev. Gabriel Salguero, said, “As Christ followers, we are called to work toward justice for all. And as Latinos, we know too well that justice is not always even-handed. The death penalty is plagued by racial and economic disparities and risks executing an innocent person. Human beings are fallible and there is no room for fallibility in matters of life and death.”

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EJUSA to headline at the CCDA Conference

Billy Moore and Shane ClaiborneEJUSA National Organizer Heather Beaudoin will be traveling to Raleigh, North Carolina later this month to attend the Christian Community Development Association’s (CCDA) conference. The annual gathering brings together more than 2,500 young, dynamic faith leaders who are making change in underserved communities around the country. CCDA will hold its first dialogue on the death penalty after EJUSA’s proposal for a workshop was accepted.

The workshop will bring Heather together with Reverend Billy Moore (pictured, left) and will include an overview of the flaws in the death penalty from a Christian perspective and an in-depth look at Moore’s experience of redemption after spending over 16 years on death row.

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National Latino Evangelical Coalition calls for a closer look at the death penalty

The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC), a coalition of over 3,000 Hispanic evangelical churches, released a call yesterday for “Hispanic evangelical leaders to closely examine their stance on capital punishment and mass incarceration.”

President of NaLEC, Rev. Gabriel Salguero, says that the death penalty is “too broken to ensure that innocent persons are not executed.” He also sees how the system can “disproportionately and negatively impact people based on race, color and economics.”

EJUSA has been working together with NaLEC to sponsor more national conversations on the death penalty amongst Latino and faith communities. Last year, Rev. Salguero, joined 27 prominent evangelicals and Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty in raising concern around fair sentencing hearings in a capital punishment case in Texas.

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