I’ve heard from so many people

My first year and a half at EJUSA has been incredibly rewarding. I’m so grateful to be part of a team of such caring people who fight so hard and so courageously to advance justice in our nation.

And I’m so grateful to you, our true partners in justice, who fight right alongside us and make everything we do possible. I marvel at how many of you have been with us for years, even decades!

Will you continue to fight with us? Please give a tax-deductible gift to EJUSA before December 31, and your donation will be matched.

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Our Impact

It is with great pleasure and deep gratitude that I share with you EJUSA’s 2016 Impact Report.

As you read it, please remember this: EJUSA’s impact is your impact.

Click here to read the report.

This year’s report highlights how far EJUSA has come on our oldest program – ending the death penalty – and on our exciting program to support community-based groups working with people of color harmed by violence. It also features highlights from year one of an important project of our Trauma Advocacy Initiative: to facilitate a two-year dialogue and training on trauma, racism, and justice with 250 police and community members in Newark, New Jersey.

You made this work possible. Together we’re taking down the broken parts of the justice system like the death penalty, and beginning to build the new, healing justice system of the future.

It’s not too late to help EJUSA reach our $40,000 goal for our year-end fundraising campaign. Please consider a stretch gift as we go into a critical year for our work together. All gifts will be matched through December 31.

Here’s the plan

Working for justice is hard. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. You know that because you’ve been in the trenches with EJUSA for more than two decades.

But we always go on because we feel strongly and passionately that we must change the conversation about violence – its causes and solutions. And today, we are at an important tipping point moment to do just that.

Help EJUSA change the conversation about violence with a tax-deductible donation today. Together, we will tip the scales toward justice.

New national attention to mass incarceration and racial inequities in the justice system has created an unprecedented opportunity. Leaders on all ends of the political spectrum are paying attention, and pressure is mounting for change.

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With Libations and Justice for All – a beautiful and successful evening with the EJUSA Associate Board

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I joined EJUSA’s Advisory Board in August, and this past Thursday I attended my first Holiday Party, an annual Advisory Board tradition to build support for EJUSA’s work.

While the last few months have put forth challenges as we process the difficult results of a tumultuous election cycle, there is tremendous reason to be positive. Even though the movement to end the death penalty faced setbacks in November, the momentum to replace a punitive and unproductive justice system with one grounded in victims’ perspectives and healing has never been stronger.

Equal Justice USA, and the community that surrounds it, has a great amount to look forward to as 2017 approaches. As a member of the Associate Board, a group of young professionals working to build support and spread the word about EJUSA’s work, my feelings of hope and excitement for the coming year were reinvigorated at this year’s Holiday Party.

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The stakes couldn’t be higher

The stakes couldn’t be higher for 2017. Our work together next year will help shape the future of our country.

For too long, the national conversation about violence has been all about punishment, and with devastating consequences: 2.3 million people in prison. More than 2,900 facing execution. Communities of color traumatized. Victims of violence left without care.

This has to change. You’ve known that for years.

Today, thanks to you and to our partners, we’re at a tipping point for the issues we’ve been fighting for together: Ending the death penalty. Bringing racial equity to services for crime survivors. Engaging a new national conversation about justice.

Help tip the scales of justice with a tax-deductible donation to EJUSA. A generous donor just pledged to match the first $20,000 in gifts until December 31!

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Recharging for the Long Haul


Here at EJUSA we don’t often share the inner workings of our organization, posting instead about the issues that drive our mission and the changes we seek — and that you want to see — in the justice system.

But our inner workings make me equally proud to be part of EJUSA, because we work hard to reflect our values there too. That means all kinds of things, for example:

  • Making time for our team to bond and connect so that we can do our best work together.
  • Committing to racial equity, and investing in the internal work required to get there.
  • Avoiding unnecessary educational requirements when we hire, so we don’t overlook excellent people who haven’t had access to those opportunities.
  • Building a team that is politically diverse, even when it’s hard.

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“With Libations and Justice For All”

With Libations and Justice For AllEJUSA’s Associate Board invites you to their annual holiday party, “With Libations and Justice for All,” on December 15 in midtown NYC. RSVP here, and please bring significant others, friends, and family!


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24 hours can go really fast


#GivingTuesday is 24 hours of giving, but time flies when you’re giving the gift of healing.

There’s just a few more hours to help EJUSA’s #GivingIsHealing campaign succeed.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to EJUSA before midnight tonight, and be part of the #GivingTuesday global day of giving. A generous donor will double all gifts up to a total of $20k!

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Today is #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that reminds us that kindness, compassion, and generosity are among the most important gifts we can give.

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to invest in organizations that reflect these values – the same values that led you to EJUSA and our work to transform the justice system from one that harms to one that heals.

Give the gift of Healing this #GivingTuesday with a tax-deductible donation to EJUSA’s #GivingIsHealing campaign. Thanks to a generous donor, all gifts will be matched up to $20k!

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Trauma Advocacy Internship at EJUSA

EJUSA is a national criminal justice reform organization working to end the death penalty, strengthen programs that help crime survivors address trauma and rebuild their lives, and promote constructive responses to violence. The trauma advocacy initiative works in select cities to advocate for better access to trauma care for people harmed by crime and violence, as well as nationally to promote a trauma-responsive justice system and shift the national conversation around violence, trauma, racial justice, and mass incarceration.

Interns will work closely with the director of EJUSA’s trauma advocacy initiative in the following areas:

  • Research: keeping on top of current news, academic research, and reports related to trauma-informed work, racial justice, and violence prevention; map current news and research in EJUSA’s database; update and maintain data about current leaders and programs in the field
  • Writing: work on online blog posts; write summaries of research and reports; note-taking
  • Data input and analysis: Input and review data from trauma-informed policing training program to generate reports

This is an unpaid internship. Course credit may be available. Interns should be located near Boston, New York City, or in New Jersey, but much of the work can be done remotely.

If interested, please send an email to Fatimah Loren Muhammad, Director of the Trauma Advocacy Initiative at fatimahm@ejusa.org.