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If you or a loved one are in prison or facing criminal charges:

We know how little support there is for you – access to legal assistance, help navigating the confusing court system, or services to help reintegrate upon release. We are not lawyers and cannot help with individual cases, but we have compiled a list of organizations that can help.

Your voice is also important in the campaign to end the death penalty! A system that chases a handful of executions instead of investing resources in prevention and attacking the root causes of crime is a system that helps no one. What might have made the difference for you? What was your interaction with the criminal justice system overall? How was your lawyer? How much was explained to you about the process? What was the jury like? Your experiences may help paint a picture of a failing system that must be changed. Visit our Act section to learn more about what you can do.

Resources for prisoners and their families:

Former EJUSA programs and publications:

  • The DC Area Books to Prisons Project – previously a program of EJUSA and now operating out of our former parent organization, the Quixote Center. The Books Project provides free reading materials to those behind bars upon request.
  • Grassroots Investigation Project (GRIP) - also previously a program of EJUSA, GRIP provides support and training to family and allies of those on death row to take an active role in their loved ones’ cases. In its role as a dynamic hub between lawyers, law students, academics, innocence projects, and prisoners, GRIP also assists with the preparation and distribution of critical legal documents.
  • The Capital Defense Handbook for Defendants and Their Families [pdf] – published by the Grassroots Investigation Project and EJUSA. Everything you need to know to best navigate the death penalty process and advocate for yourself within the system, from how to work with your lawyer to understanding the appeals process and more.

What you can do to help end the death penalty:

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