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Articles about Public safety

Taking Leadership in Preventing Violence

The Melanie Ilene Rieger Memorial Conference Against Violence is (as far as I know) the only conference that is led and run completely by victims of violence.

Deterrance Argument Disproved - Again

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"There may be other reasons to support the death penalty, but the belief that it deters murder should not be one of them," said Tomislav Kovandzic a University of Texas (UT) criminologist who testifie

Solve crimes. Support victims. End the death penalty.

Judy Kerr, of California Crime Victims for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, and her brother, Bob Kerr, who was murdered in 2003

Around 1,000 murders go unsolved every year, cites a new report by the California Crime Victims for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (CCV).

What we share - law enforcement and the movement to end the death penalty

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"Smart on Crime" is a new report from the Death Penalty Information Center that examines the cost of the death penalty versus its value.

Death penalty drains justice system resources - an Op-Ed by John Connor from The Billings Gazette

John Connor insists that the death penalty is not a deterrent, even for prisoners serving life without parole. He served as the special prosecutor in the Montana Attorney General's office, assisting on all death penalty cases for over 20 years.

Maryland Study Report Released!

The Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment has released their report. Click here to download the full report.

The Commission voted 13-9 to recommend repealing the death penalty. The Commission was created by the Maryland legislature at the beginning of the year and tasked with studying all aspects of the death penalty in Maryland. Five public hearings were held with extensive testimony of those directly impacted by the death penalty.

The basic findings of the Commission are as follows:

Death penalty will always put innocent lives at risk - an Op-Ed by Sam Millsap from The Capital (MD)

Former Bexar County (TX) prosecutor congratulates the Maryland Death Penalty Study Commission on recommending repeal of the death penalty. He shares his experience of questioning whether one man he helped put to death was actually innocent.

Time to end the death penalty in Maryland - an Op-Ed by Michael May from The Baltimore Examiner

A former Baltimore City police officer and military police officer talks about why he used to be in favor of the death penalty but now wants to see it repealed.

Recommended Link: Former San Quentin Warden Speaks Out Against the Death Penalty

Corrections workers like former San Quentin warden Jeanne Woodford place promoting public safety at the forefront of their lives.

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