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Repeal moves forward in Nebraska

All eyes on Nebraska!Lawmakers in Nebraska have voted overwhelmingly – 30-13! – to repeal the death penalty.

We expected debate to go on much longer, but the writing was on the wall.

All eyes are on Nebraska, but the fight isn’t over.

This vote is Round One. There is another round of debate and two more votes that we have to win before the bill goes to the Governor’s desk. And if the Governor vetoes the bill as he’s promised, we need to hold on to all 30 of those votes to override it. We need to keep up the pressure.

Conservatives rally for death penalty repeal in Nebraska

by Sarah Craft, EJUSA, and Sarah Barrett, Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (NADP)
Press Conference in the Nebraska CapitolPress Conference in the Nebraska Capitol In a press conference at the Capitol this morning, members of Nebraska Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty (NE-CCATDP) called on lawmakers to support repeal. Seven state senators along with other Nebraska conservatives shared how the death penalty conflicts with their conservative values and needs to end.

"As conservatives, we are committed to fiscal responsibility, limited government, and valuing life, and the death penalty goes against every one of them,” said Sen. Colby Coash of Lincoln, one of the leaders of the group.

The Scottsbluff Star Herald took notice, editorializing in favor of repeal and saying “conservative Republicans are questioning the political sense of clinging to a toothless, costly policy that experts say has little effect on deterring crime.” And the Omaha World Herald noticed that the death penalty “no longer falls solely in the realm of liberal politics.”

NaLEC's support for repeal reverberates around the country

NaLEC press conferenceNaLEC press conferenceOn Friday, the National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) became the first national association of Evangelical congregations to join the effort to repeal the death penalty. NaLEC’s board of directors voted unanimously for the resolution and is urging its 3,000 member congregations to support efforts to end capital punishment across the country.

The Washington Post speculated that other Evangelical groups may follow NaLEC’s lead. The Gospel Herald called the new stance “groundbreaking.”

Heather Beaudoin directs Evangelical outreach for EJUSA. She spoke at NaLEC’s press conference in Orlando announcing the new position:

We have been meeting and dialoging with Evangelical leaders, heads of denominations, and Evangelical organizations like NaLEC for more than four years now, and wherever I go, Evangelicals are eager to have this conversation.

Why? For a few reasons. For people like me, the death penalty simply doesn’t align with our faith and our belief in redemption...

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