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What We Do

EJUSA combines the best of visionary thinking and practical doing, partnering with state and local organizations to provide grassroots leaders with the training, support, and tools they need to win and have national impact.

We run two programs: one to repeal the death penalty and redirect capital punishment resources towards crime prevention and services for victims’ families; and a new program, still in development, to help crime survivors in underserved communities to advocate for the services, policies, and programs they need to rebuild their lives and reduce violence in their communities.

In the last few years:

  • We developed the strategies and messages that helped state and local organizers end the death penalty in New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland.
  • We’ve helped family members of murder victims to speak out for their real needs.
  • We’ve supported local efforts to bring key stakeholders together and develop violence prevention programs in our home state of New York.
  • We’ve built bridges to members of law enforcement and helped advocates engage them in dialog about public safety priorities.
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